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NOV 14 - 18, 2018

Composer Tod Machover and librettist Simon Robson’s Schoenberg in Hollywood – based on a scenario by Braham Murray – takes inspiration from the life of Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg after he fledHitler’s Europe in the 1930s. After settling in Los Angeles by way of Boston, Schoenberg considered composing film music, rediscovered his heritage, and looked for ways to make his work accessible to a wider public. Machover says Schoenberg’s search to reconcile art with entertainment, reflection with action, and tradition with revolution, is “one of the most inspiring stories of our time.” The opera explores the humor, heroism and pathos of Schoenberg’s struggle, providing “a glimpse of what may have happened if Schoenberg had, indeed, reconciled those opposites,” he said.

Tickets are available online at BLO.org. In person sales may be purchased at the Emerson Paramount Box Office located at 559 Washington Street.