The Office of the Arts at Emerson College

We are:

An Office of the Arts in a college devoted to “bringing innovation to communication and the arts.” The Office of the Arts exists to serve Emerson College students, faculty and staff, the Greater Boston community and the field of performance practice through:

  • ArtsEmerson—our professional presenting and producing program, showcasing the world on stage and screen.
  • HowlRound—a communication platform that connects the Office of the Arts to the national (and international) efforts to develop a commons-based approach to performance practice.
  • Stewardship of Our Spaces—supporting activities that connect the facilities of the Office of the Arts to both college and community events not produced or presented by other components of our office.

We see our work in service of the college, the public and the art form, prioritizing community engagement with our Boston neighbors, creating a national dialogue, sharing field-wide learning and developing curricular engagement that connect students with our work. We operate from the assumption that the arts belong to everyone. Every decision we make, every new programming choice and operational strategy, emerges from that conviction.



Founded in 2010 by Rob Orchard (currently ArtsEmerson Creative Consultant), ArtsEmerson seeks to redefine the relationship between artist and audience, and the impact of theatre on community. Through performance programs, ongoing artist residencies and repeated engagements with ensembles, audiences see how our work evolves over time and, as a result, connect to artists’ deeper ambitions and processes. This investment not only strengthens the bond between artists and audiences but allows for a highly interactive exchange that helps to realize the full potential of the arts in the life and character of the city of Boston.



HowlRound is a commons by and for people who make performance—a movement of performance practitioners committed to advancing the health and impact of not-for-profit arts. HowlRound promotes conversation, collaboration and field-wide research to illuminate the breadth and diversity of community-powered performance practice. Through HowlRound’s online forums and in-person gatherings, performance-makers connect, share and learn from one another. Discover us at

Emerson College

About Emerson College

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, opposite the historic Boston Common and in the heart of the city’s Theatre District, Emerson College educates individuals who will solve problems and change the world through engaged leadership in communication and the arts, a mission informed by liberal learning. The College has 3,660 undergraduates and 829 graduate students from across the United States and fifty countries. Supported by state-of-the-art facilities and a renowned faculty, students participate in more than eighty student organizations and performance groups. Emerson is known for its study and internship programs in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., the Netherlands, London, China and the Czech Republic. The College has an active network of 32,000 alumni who hold leadership positions in communications and the arts. For more information, visit